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Posted on 09/21/23

Any type of spinal cord injury has the potential to be devastating for a victim. However, there are various levels of spinal cord injuries you should be aware of, and each level could result in different types of complications. Complete Versus Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries Individuals can sustain complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries: Complete spinal cord

Posted on 08/28/23

When individuals sustain slip and fall injuries on another person’s property, they may be able to recover compensation for their losses. If the property owner was negligent, then an insurance claim or a civil personal injury lawsuit against the property owner may be necessary. However, just like other types of personal injury lawsuits in New

Posted on 07/27/23

As the weather heats up and stays hot in New York throughout the summer months, there are several tips drivers should be aware of when it comes to operating during the hottest times of the year. Here, we want to offer a few tips for safely operating your vehicle during the summer months. Keep Your

Posted on 07/17/23

New York is considered a no-fault insurance state when it comes to vehicle accident claims. However, many people are not quite sure what this means when it comes to an accident and their insurance. Across the country, the vast majority of states are considered fault-based or tort-based states, so we want to offer some clarifications

Posted on 06/27/23

The construction industry accounted for approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities during the most recent reporting year on file, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, the vast majority of construction accidents are not fatal, but they often lead to severe injuries. Here, we want to discuss some of the most common

Posted on 03/31/23

If you are a regular user of rideshare vehicles or even someone who only takes an Uber or Lyft occasionally, your safety is absolutely the priority. Of course, your personal safety begins with the steps that you take before and during an Uber or Lyft ride. Here, we want to outline some safety steps that

Posted on 03/22/23

Understanding liability after a rideshare accident can be confusing. However, determining liability is the most crucial aspect of securing compensation through an insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit. Here, we want to review the process of determining responsibility for an Uber or Lyft accident in the days and weeks that follow the incident.

Posted on 02/28/23

Determining liability after a dog bite incident in New York is important because victims need compensation for their losses. Liability for dog bite incidents in NY is determined through a system of strict liability and negligence. It is important to understand how the dog bylaws apply, particularly if you or a loved one sustain a