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Motorcycle helmets save lives, and the state of New York requires any person operating a motorcycle to wear a helmet that meets or exceeds standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation. Here, we want to examine NY’s motorcycle helmet law and discuss the requirements a helmet must meet to meet the requirements. Put

The state of New York is one of a few states around the country that operates a “no-fault” insurance system concerning vehicle accidents. This means that insured individuals will typically receive reimbursement after an accident from their insurance carrier, regardless of which party caused the incident. Here, we want to examine what the New York

If you or somebody you love has been involved in a vehicle accident and are beginning the insurance claims process, you need to know how long this could take. Unfortunately, no two auto insurance claims are exactly alike, and even though the no-fault system in New York is designed to help these cases proceed quicker,

Posted on 01/07/24

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, then understanding your New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Police Accident Report is going to be vital as you move forward with the process of filing an insurance claim. The accident report can significantly alter this process, specifically how much compensation you receive after the

Posted on 12/20/23

Slip and fall accidents on sidewalks are not uncommon, but victims may be able to recover compensation for their losses if another party was responsible for the incident. However, determining fault for a slip and fall incident on a sidewalk is challenging. There are several factors that can influence liability, and there could even be

Posted on 11/15/23

Sometimes, more than one person is at fault for causing an injury. However, when there is shared fault, the process of recovering compensation becomes more challenging. In order to properly determine how much compensation a person receives after an injury, if they receive any compensation at all, many states have developed comparative negligence laws. In

Posted on 11/05/23

Larger commercial trucks often cause major injuries when collisions with traditional passenger vehicles occur. Unfortunately, these injuries can leave victims with long-lasting disabilities and major life disruptions. Here, we want to review some of the most common injuries associated with commercial truck accidents in the Buffalo area. Spinal Cord Damage Spinal cord injuries can lead

Posted on 09/21/23

Any type of spinal cord injury has the potential to be devastating for a victim. However, there are various levels of spinal cord injuries you should be aware of, and each level could result in different types of complications. Complete Versus Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries Individuals can sustain complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries: Complete spinal cord

Posted on 08/28/23

When individuals sustain slip and fall injuries on another person’s property, they may be able to recover compensation for their losses. If the property owner was negligent, then an insurance claim or a civil personal injury lawsuit against the property owner may be necessary. However, just like other types of personal injury lawsuits in New