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Posted on 04/20/23

Accidents involving large commercial trucks can result in devastating injuries and extensive property damage. Unfortunately, many of the accidents that do occur happen as a result of vehicles traveling in blind spots of the larger commercial truck. Here, we want to discuss the blind spots that surround semi-trucks as well as the steps that drivers

Posted on 03/31/23

If you are a regular user of rideshare vehicles or even someone who only takes an Uber or Lyft occasionally, your safety is absolutely the priority. Of course, your personal safety begins with the steps that you take before and during an Uber or Lyft ride. Here, we want to outline some safety steps that

Posted on 03/22/23

Understanding liability after a rideshare accident can be confusing. However, determining liability is the most crucial aspect of securing compensation through an insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit. Here, we want to review the process of determining responsibility for an Uber or Lyft accident in the days and weeks that follow the incident.

Posted on 02/28/23

Determining liability after a dog bite incident in New York is important because victims need compensation for their losses. Liability for dog bite incidents in NY is determined through a system of strict liability and negligence. It is important to understand how the dog bylaws apply, particularly if you or a loved one sustain a

Posted on 02/27/23

Individuals who work in the construction industry face an increased risk of injuries on the job. According to data available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we can see that approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities across the country during a recent reporting year occurred in the construction industry. However, many other individuals

Posted on 01/10/23

Mistakes made by doctors and healthcare professionals often leave patients in serious physical jeopardy. These errors can be considered medical malpractice when they cause worsened health conditions, disabilities, or injuries to the patient that cause them to sustain severe losses. Patients have the right to pursue damages and recover financial compensation. Six of the Most

Posted on 01/05/23

Nursing homes can be wonderful places that care for the needs of the elderly when they can no longer care for themselves. Some dedicated nurses and doctors care deeply for their patients. But, the nursing home business also has a darker side, where the elderly are abused and neglected. The Centers for Disease Control and

Posted on 12/10/22

Information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more than three people seek treatment in the emergency room each year for fall injuries. Out of those, around 800,000 individuals are hospitalized every year due to their fall injuries, typically due to hip fractures or head injuries. Not every fall injury

Posted on 12/05/22

Winters in New York can lead to various types of hazards, particularly when it comes to premises liability incidents. Most property owners understand the need to become extra vigilant during the winter months to prevent any type of incident from occurring. However, it is crucial to review the most common types of premises liability claims

Posted on 11/10/22

Bicycle accidents are largely preventable, but only if everyone follows the rules of the road. This includes bicyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers. Bicycle accidents happen in a variety of ways, often due to the negligence of one or more parties. Here, we want to delve into liability issues that commonly arise after a bicycle crash