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Dangerous Intersections in New York

Posted on 05/27/23

Dangerous intersections can be deadly. No matter how cautious you are, as you approach them, accidents happen at intersections. This is especially true for some of the more dangerous ones around New York.

Intersection Accidents are Extremely Common

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there are around 2.2 million traffic accidents at intersections annually. This means around 40% of all accidents in the United States happen at intersections. The only accident that is statistically higher is rear-end crashes.

Accidents occurring at intersections are significantly more dangerous than accidents occurring elsewhere. Approaching, moving through, or leaving an intersection includes half of all the wrecks that cause injuries or fatalities, according to the Federal Highway Association (FHWA).

Where are the Most Dangerous Intersections in New York?

New York’s five boroughs all have dangerous intersections. If you are traveling in any of these areas, being aware of the riskier intersections you might encounter is helpful.

Risky Intersections in Brooklyn

Brooklyn car accidents make up a large percentage of the car accidents that take place in New York each year. Many bicycles, pedestrians, and motorists are sharing the road, which means some of New York’s most dangerous intersections are located in the Brooklyn area. Listed below are some of the more dangerous intersections in Brooklyn:

  • Newkirk Avenue and Argyle Road (Ditmas Park)
  • Atlantic Ave & Flatbush Ave
  • Washington Park & Willoughby Ave
  • Newkirk Ave and Rugby Road (Ditmas Park)
  • Atlantic Ave & 4th Ave
  • 4th Ave & 9th Street
  • Westminster Rd & Beverley Rd
  • South Fourth Street & Keap Street (Williamsburg)
  • 56th Street & 18th Avenue
  • South Third Street & Havemeyer Street (Williamsburg)
  • Tillary St & Flatbush Ave Ext
  • Hooper Street & South Fifth Street (Williamsburg)
  • Ocean Parkway & Church Ave
  • Sterling Place & Kingston Ave (Crown Heights)
  • Smith Street & Wycoff Street (Boerum Hill)
  • Lawrence Street & Willoughby Street (Downtown Brooklyn)

Bronx Intersections That Are Particularly Dangerous

Since the Bronx is the one borough of New York located mostly on the mainland, it connects the city of New York with the rest of the state of New York. This means a tremendous amount of traffic passing through the area daily. The most threatening intersections of the Bronx are listed below:

  • West Fordham Rd & Major Deegan Expressway
  • East 138th Street & Bruckner Boulevard
  • West 179th Street & Cedar Avenue
  • East 138th Street & Alexander Avenue
  • White Plains Road & Bruckner Boulevard
  • East Fordham Road & Southern Boulevard
  • Bronx River Avenue & Bruckner Boulevard
  • Cross Bronx Expressway & Jerome Avenue
  • Jerome Avenue & Clifford Place
  • Bronx River Parkway & East 177th Street

Dangerous Manhattan Intersections

Out of the entire city of New York, the most people per square mile live in Manhattan. This means there are a large number of accidents, some deadly. The most dangerous intersections in Manhattan are listed below:

  • Madison Ave & East 84th Street
  • 6th Avenue & West 24th Street
  • East 30th Street & 3rd Avenue
  • Canal Street & Bowery
  • 2nd Avenue & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
  • 2nd Avenue & East 36th Street
  • 2nd Avenue & East 59th Street
  • Madison Avenue & East 85th Street
  • 1st Avenue & East 87th Street
  • East 59th Street & 3rd Avenue
  • 2nd Avenue & East 37th Street
  • Lexington Avenue & East 84th Street
  • Delancey Street & Bowery
  • Lexington Avenue & East 85th Street
  • East Houston Street & Bowery
  • Montgomery Street & FDR Drive

Most Dangerous Intersections in Queens

With the second largest population and much personal and commercial vehicle traffic, there are some extremely dangerous intersections. The most dangerous are listed here:

  • Union Turnpike & Parsons Boulevard
  • 140th Street & Jewel Avenue
  • Kessel Street & 72nd Avenue
  • Metropolitan Avenue & Park Lane South
  • Myrtle Avenue & Park Lane South
  • Union Turnpike & Utopia Parkway

Staten Island’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Sometimes, Staten Island is referred to as the “forgotten borough.” Though it is considered forgotten, there are still many people traveling that way and struggling with traffic accidents daily. Listed below are some of the more threatening intersections in Staten Island:

  • Crystal Avenue & Forest Avenue
  • Van Pelt Avenue & Neterland Avenue
  • Victory Blvd & Jewett Avenue
  • Richmon Avenue & Morani Street
  • Westwood Avenue & Todt Hill Road
  • Victory Boulevard & Montgomery Avenue
  • Todt Hill Rd & Ocean Terrace
  • Tompkins Avenue & Vanderbilt
  • Steuben St & West Fingerboard Road

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