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Steps to Take After a Rideshare Accident in New York

Posted on 03/26/24

A rideshare accident can be a confusing legal situation for victims. If you are hurt in this type of accident, the rideshare driver, Uber or Lyft, or even another driver on the road that caused the accident could be responsible for the injuries you have. In order to ensure you receive the compensation you are owed, there are a few key steps to take right after a rideshare accident in NY to protect yourself going forward. Talk to a Buffalo Uber And Lyft accident attorney from Towey Law today about your case.

Always Call the Police

Even if the drivers involved want to avoid this step, call the police yourself. This is the best way to document everything that occurred and to ensure that you can later pursue compensation against those who caused this injury to you. We recommend doing so as soon as you can so that there is little time for anyone to try to limit your ability to do so.

If you are hurt, go to the hospital and get care, and then call the police. You do not want to allow anyone to make you a victim a second time.

Make Sure You Report the Accident to the Rideshare Company

Uber and Lyft, the two largest rideshare companies in the US, certainly want to know when one of their drivers causes an accident. This also means you are able to file a claim through their liability insurance. Do not count on the driver to contact these organizations but instead do so yourself.

By reporting the accident to the company, you are documenting it, and that means that later when you need to file a claim, these companies have a record of what occurred.

Gather Your Own Evidence

As a victim, you should prioritize your health and well-being, but if you can do so, gather as much information from the scene as you can:

  • Take photos of all people involved, the accident scene, and your injuries. This is the best type of documentation available.
  • Record yourself talking about what happened and what you remember in the moments after the incident. This can be used later to help identify the details of the case based on how they impacted you.
  • Always get the names and contact information of someone who will provide it to you, especially witnesses who may not always be on the accident report or police report later. This allows you to go back to those individuals if they can help you in any way.

Always get the medical care you need. Even if you feel okay, going to the ER now allows you to fully document what occurred so that if problems arise later, you have the proof you need.

In addition to all of these steps, you also need to contact an attorney. Make sure you have an experienced rideshare attorney in New York who can help you to determine what your legal rights are. This is critical in any complicated legal matter. Your personal injury attorney will guide you to filing claims for the losses you have.