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Summer Driving Safety Tips

Posted on 07/27/23

As the weather heats up and stays hot in New York throughout the summer months, there are several tips drivers should be aware of when it comes to operating during the hottest times of the year. Here, we want to offer a few tips for safely operating your vehicle during the summer months.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

We encourage all drivers in New York to regularly inspect and maintain their vehicles, particularly as the seasons shift over. New York has notoriously cold winters and incredibly hot summers, and these temperature extremes can place major stress on a vehicle and individual vehicle parts. We encourage vehicle owners to check all of the following systems as the seasons shift over from one to the other:

  • Coolant system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Fluid levels
  • Floor mat placement

The absolute last thing anyone in New York needs is to break down in the middle of the summer heat. Vehicles can get overwhelmingly hot within minutes, so please do what you can to keep your vehicle in proper running order to avoid this potentially hazardous situation.

Slow Down, Leave Space

One of the top priorities of New Yorkers is getting to their eventual destination faster. However, speeding to a vacation spot could delay your arrival indefinitely. Speeding is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents in New York and throughout the country. Unfortunately, individuals often sustain severe injuries in collisions involving speeding vehicles.

In addition to the dangers associated with accidents caused by speeding, it is important to point out that driving at higher speeds can increase the wear and tear on all of the moving parts of the vehicle’s engine, transmission, and tires. Additionally, higher speeds mean less fuel efficiency, which could hurt your wallet.

Get Some Sunglasses

Sometimes, it’s the little things. Sunglasses can really help individuals when they get behind the wheel during the summer. The sun beams down and can cause irritation and even eye damage. Wearing sunglasses when you get behind the wheel for your summer road trip can help protect your eyes from UV damage and help ensure that you can see the roadway completely. Even if you wear prescription eyeglasses, you should consider purchasing the same prescription as sunglasses or invest in transition lenses that automatically adjust depending on the light level.

Sun glare is dangerous and can cause temporary blindness. This can occur when the sun’s rays reflect off of other vehicles’ windshields or mirrors, building windows, smooth reflective surfaces, or road signs. Wearing sunglasses can help lessen the impact of sun glare.

Alter Your Emergency Roadside Kit

Every New Yorker should have an emergency roadside kit that includes the basics. This includes flashlights with batteries, jumper cables, water bottles, non-perishable food, extra battery banks for phones and other devices, a first aid kit, and a small tool kit. These emergency roadside kits can really help if you break down in a more remote area in the state, or even some place where help may not be on the way for quite some time. You can make up your own roadside emergency kit or purchase one that has most of these items in it at a retail store or online.