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Buffalo Workplace Injury Attorney

Everyone is entitled to a safe working environment. When workplace injuries happen in Buffalo due to someone else’s reckless actions, you deserve justice.

At Towey Law, PLLC, our Buffalo workplace injury attorneys can help employees secure full compensation for their losses through a third-party claim. Contact our offices for a free consultation today by clicking here or calling (716) 300-8232.

Why Use A Buffalo Workplace Injury Lawyer From Towey Law?

If you have suffered serious injuries in a workplace accident in Buffalo, let our attorneys give you the aggressive representation you deserve:

  • We will guide you through the legal process to achieve the compensation you need.
  • We always provide our clients with direct and responsive communication.
  • Our clients can discuss their cases in person, over the phone, or virtually.
  • We provide free case evaluations.

Why Do I Need a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

When an employee suffers a workplace injury by a third party, their lives are disrupted and they are faced with several challenges. It is difficult to navigate the legal process, while also recovering from a serious injury. By hiring a Buffalo injury lawyer, you will have someone on your side who will help you:

  • Investigate your accident and help determine which third parties are liable for your injuries
  • Gather evidence to support your case
  • Hire medical and economic experts to calculate the true value of your losses
  • Fight for full and just compensation on your behalf
  • Make sure legal paperwork is filled out properly and filed within the time limit

With a workplace injury lawyer assisting you, you will not have to worry about anything or face unnecessary stress. Contact Towey Law, PLLC to find out how we can help ease the process for you.

How Can a Third-Party Claim Help My Case?

Workplace injuries are devastating. While workers’ compensation prevents employees from seeking damages against an employer, injured workers can pursue justice against a third party. A third-party refers to a person or company that is not your employer who may be found negligent for your injuries.

Some of the most common third-party claims involve:

  • Automotive accidents:
    In a situation involving road work, if a construction worker is hit by a distracted driver, you may have a Buffalo car accident claim against the negligent motorist.
  • Product Liability:
    Equipment, vehicles, heavy machinery, and other products have contributed to many workplace accidents. If you have been injured due to defective, malfunctioning machinery, you may have a claim against the manufacturer.
  • Toxic or chemical exposure:
    Manufacturers of toxic substances have a duty to provide a safe product and safe storing and handling instructions. If your injuries are caused by poisonous fumes despite following the safety guidelines, you may have a claim.
  • Intentional torts:
    If a person deliberately causes you harm, you may have an intentional tort claim.
  • Premises liability:
    If you are working on a property that your employer does not own, the property owner may owe you a duty of care. If you are injured due to hazardous conditions on the property, including faulty scaffolding or other dangers the property owner did not bring to your attention, you may have a claim.

Contact a Buffalo Workplace Injury Attorney Today

At Towey Law, PLLC, our Buffalo personal injury lawyers are here to help ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve after a workplace injury. If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, we have the resources and extensive experience necessary to fight for compensation on your behalf through a third-party claim. If a death has occurred, please contact our Buffalo wrongful death attorneys.

You are entitled to safe and secure working conditions. Contact our dedicated workplace injury attorneys for a free case evaluation by clicking here or calling (716) 300-8232.